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Dr. Cliff Hurst is a faculty member at Westminster College and mostly teaches in the MBA program. Dr. Hurst teaches courses in the Entrepreneurship track including: Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Development, Marketing New Ventures, and Social Entrepreneurship. Dr. Hurst received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia and his MA and PhD from Fielding Graduate University .Prior to becoming a full-time faculty member of Westminster College, Dr. Hurst operated his own Organizational Development consulting practice for 24 years. He has previously taught as an adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco, UC Berkeley International Certificate program, and at Santa Clara University. He has also had prior experience in sales and marketing management in the recreational boating industry and served for 5 years as an officer in the U.S. Marines.

Cash Isn’t King

Say the words “motivation” and “incentive” in the same sentence and what jumps into most people’s minds are: pay, bonuses, incentives, or commissions. As if cash was the only—or even the best—way to motivate people and create employee engagement. A recent report by McKinsey & company argues otherwise. They reveal that three non-cash motivators are as important—if not more important—than [...]