“Our Mission is to be a catalyst for the fearless pursuit to engage employees and customers.” 

We ignite tradition to propel tomorrow and we honor those for their fearless pursuit to engage their fellow man. We incorporate strengths-based and proven innovative methods for leadership and organizational development that are on the leading-edge of driving greater customer experiences. Customer experience is the differentiation in employee engagement we are sought for.

Founded in 1999 by customer experience author and Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Expert Panel member Jim Rembach, Beyond Morale is growing by helping organizations to create purposeful, emotionally intelligent cultures that drive value, reduce costs, and build competitive advantages. We don’t overhaul, we hone in on what’s best and use it as the fuel to help transform. The company specializes in strategic customer experience and employee engagement consulting services. This is made possible with leadership and employee development, design tools, assessments, coaching, training, and education. Beyond Morale has developed proprietary methods for analyzing and developing greater customer experiences by increasing skills in emotional intelligence, relationship analytics, customer experience, employee engagement, leadership, and the science of influence.

Our methods are unique in that they proven yet are on the leading-edge of customer-centric culture development. We focus on the scientific yet practical approach to improving human well-being and building a greater purpose in the workplace. We spend a lot of our time solving many of the problems traditional vendors have created. Our methods deliver on creating more collaborative work environments that overcome the barriers between management, staff, and customers.  This vital effect has meant the difference between extinction and being an industry leader for numerous organizations like Cross Keys Homes, Pepsi, Sony, and AstraZeneca.


We invented the Servant Teamwork® leadership model which is an advancement on the Servant Leadership model created by Robert Greenleaf in the mid-twentieth century and made publicly popular by such authors as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Spencer Johnson.  Servant Teamwork is for the modern workplace.  If you want improved trust, teamwork, and a values-based culture faster, everyone has to be involved, not just leaders. Servant Teamwork is designed to get EVERYONE to participate, from the bottom-up.

If your goal is to dramatically improve the impact of leadership, the effectiveness of teams, the quality of work life and deliver greater customer experiences (and have it be sustained), then our approach is what you want.  Why? Because it’s unlike everything else.

Results others have experienced

  • Individuals better motivated, more open to change, receptive to feedback and taking ownership for their issues.
  • Teams have a stronger sense of identity, an improved self-belief and operating with greater trust, openness and collaboration.
  • The organization to have reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, a happier more productive workforce and an improved bottom line.
  • A transformed culture where openness, trust and collaboration are the norm. It not only develops leaders but leadership across the organization.
  • An improved customer experience.