Vital Skills All Corporate Leaders Must Master

2017-06-22T08:39:31+05:00By |Employee Engagement|

I recently was asked by asked by John Mattone, an executive coach and the world’s top authority on Intelligent Leadership (IL) to  reveal some of the vital skills all corporate leaders must master that I've learned from the leaders that have been featured on the Fast Leader Show. "Vital skills all corporate leaders must master." Click to Tweet I shared [...]

The Most Important thing in Customer Experience

2017-05-10T23:37:19+05:00By |Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence|

The most important thing to improve the customer experience is not your journey map. With all of the hype about customer journey mapping you'd tend to believe that if you want to improve the customer experience that this is the most important thing you need. It's not. But I'm also not saying that you should not do it. Journey mapping [...]

Emotion in Customer Experience Drives Growth and Revenue

2017-04-15T02:28:02+05:00By |Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence|

TV’s "Shark Tank" is what many people feel is the premiere opportunity for entrepreneurs. But sharks do not have the capacity for emotion as us humans know it. They have basic emotions like pain, hunger, and mating impulses. They have no emotional intelligence as we know it. The sharks on the show might have the same issue because they failed [...]

What is a Customer Empathy Map

2017-04-14T00:15:25+05:00By |Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence|

A Customer Empathy Map is an incredible tool that helps organizations to unlock greater power in the customer experience. It can be used by itself or be used in conjunction with other cx tools including customer journey maps, customer personas, service blueprints, motivation matrix, mind maps and more. This human-centered design tool helps you to obtain great clarity and understanding [...]

Emotional Intelligence in the Customer Journey

2017-03-31T22:18:52+05:00By |Customer Experience, Emotional Intelligence|

New findings on leveraging Emotional Intelligence in the Customer Journey will be taking center stage in Miami. I will be delivering new data as to why more than 50% of customer journey mapping projects fail. Why customer experience ratings continue to tumble...and what to do to prevent it. I will be presenting new insight into the customer journey at Enghouse [...]

How does a Warm Customer Experience Deliver Millions

2017-01-23T11:33:22+05:00By |Customer Experience|

Do you love watching those movies where the main character is faced with overwhelming odds to ultimately taste victory in the end? Debbi Fields’ story follows this same script. And the customer experience plays a key role. Humble beginnings, four older sisters, a woman wanting to become an entrepreneur, being told to give it up, and ultimately building one of [...]

Kiran Sharma interview at Contact Center Demo

2016-12-05T21:48:26+05:00By |Customer Experience|

Have you ever watched an ant carry their food? It's amazing to see how much they can carry, when they themselves are so small. Have you ever heard the saying that great things come in small packages? This small but mighty and great things being in small packages is why I love exploring the pedestal booth section at the the Contact [...]

Chris McLean interview at Contact Center Demo

2016-11-19T01:43:08+05:00By |Customer Experience|

What do you think if a rocket flies past your head at the Contact Center Demo and Conference? You should realize that you are near the Fonolo booth. As a parent, it's my duty to bring home something for the kids and Fonolo sling shot rockets are always a favorite. One even flew past me when I interviewed Chris McLean; [...]

Gadi Shamia interview at Contact Center Demo

2018-04-03T02:14:02+05:00By |Customer Experience|

Do you plan out your objectives before you go to an industry conference? Or are you one of those people that figures it out when you get there? I highly recommend the pre-planning. Gladly, I planned to try to meet with Gadi Shamia of Talkdesk at the Contact Center Demo and Conference (CCDemo). I actually made an extra effort to meet him after his [...]

Sarah Reed interview at Contact Center Demo

2016-11-11T02:43:11+05:00By |Customer Experience|

After many social media interactions, I finally had a chance for a face-to-face interaction with Sarah Reed of Relate by Zendesk at the Contact Center Demo and Conference (CCDemo). I appreciate that Sarah was as welcoming as the Relate booth. I have to say, the designers of their booth space really captured the brand essence of Relate. It was so inviting to me [...]