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Juliah Ma interview at Contact Center Demo

I had fun with my interview with Juliah Ma of Convoso. At the Contact Center Demo and Conference (CCDemo) you never know what to expect. As the host of the Fast Leader Show Podcast, I get to discuss employee engagement with a lot of different people. The Fast Leader Legion is well aware of the importance of employee experience in customer experience. But [...]

Jim Cubby interview at Contact Center Demo

Jim Cubby of Enghouse Interactive shared a few moments with me at the Contact Center Demo and Conference (CCDemo). As the host of the Fast Leader Show Podcast, I have the blessing of introducing the Fast Leader Legion to people I feel have stories and to insights worth sharing on how to improve the employee and customer experience. Watch Jim [...]

99 Employee Engagement Statistics

Sometimes you just need to show people statistical proof of why employee engagement is so important to your business. Even though you may be totally convinced in knowing that engaged employees create engaged customers, the folks that make the financial resource decision may need independent proof. It is for this reason we created the 99 Employee Engagement Statistics ebook. The [...]

Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design

The Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design™ (EQCX) framework is used to unlock and sustain the emotional power in organizations. The primary driver in customer engagement and loyalty is emotion. Through leveraging this framework emotion can become a differentiating asset. The use of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Customer Experience (CX) Design has been leveraged exclusively by all of the brands featured [...]

Here’s How YOU Make Emotion Your Competitive Advantage

In this ten minute video learn how to harness the component of customer experience that has the largest impact on customer loyalty. Making Emotion Your Competitive Advantage Emotions are what customer experience is all about, yet many organizations are lacking or ignore improving their skills and knowledge in understanding and using customer emotions to influence and evoke their most desired [...]

Got it: Horse before Cart and Culture before CX

Life can be so simple. You put the horse BEFORE the cart. You know this! Unfortunately, you are probably engaged with messing it up by adding systems, software and incentives. Why? It’s because that’s what you have been brainwashed to do. YOU MUST HAVE that million dollar thingy that does that whatchacallit stuff that makes those things to do that [...]

The little mistake costing US companies $41 billion dollars every year

It’s estimated $41 billion of revenue are being transferred between companies in the US each year. And you are probably falling victim to the same mistake that’s costing them BIG. The little mistake that’s costing them big is they are forgetting that despite how vastly different the world’s cultures appear to be (they all melt in the US), if you [...]

5 Ways to Increase Customer Empathy

Empathy is one of the 54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies, but it captures a lot of attention by itself. Just like you, I must ward off the societal influences and pressures to judge people and jump to conclusions and to be apathetic to others. Following many of the societal influences will lower your EQ. Many people say that as a [...]

CX Adoption: The MOST important word to get your organization to MOVE

You’re probably thinking to yourself right now that you know what the most important word is for CX adaption. Of course you know what needs to be said to get your organization to ignite customer-centric behavior. Or maybe you don’t know for certain, but you have a good idea that two or three words that you’re thinking about have a [...]

Innovation secret discovered at NASA

An innovation secret discovered at NASA could unlock breakthrough performance for many. There was a very important research study conducted more than 45 years ago at NASA. This information can help you lead innovation and transformation in your organization. In 1968 NASA asked Dr. George Land to develop a creativity assessment. Why? They needed to unlock the innovation secret. They [...]