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The Most Important thing in Customer Experience

The most important thing to improve the customer experience is not your journey map. With all of the hype about customer journey mapping you'd tend to believe that if you want to improve the customer experience that this is the most important thing you need. It's not. But I'm also not saying that you should not do it. Journey mapping [...]

Emotion in Customer Experience Drives Growth and Revenue

TV’s "Shark Tank" is what many people feel is the premiere opportunity for entrepreneurs. But sharks do not have the capacity for emotion as us humans know it. They have basic emotions like pain, hunger, and mating impulses. They have no emotional intelligence as we know it. The sharks on the show might have the same issue because they failed [...]

What is a Customer Empathy Map

A Customer Empathy Map is an incredible tool that helps organizations to unlock greater power in the customer experience. It can be used by itself or be used in conjunction with other cx tools including customer journey maps, customer personas, service blueprints, motivation matrix, mind maps and more. This human-centered design tool helps you to obtain great clarity and understanding [...]

Emotional Intelligence in the Customer Journey

New findings on leveraging Emotional Intelligence in the Customer Journey will be taking center stage in Miami. I will be delivering new data as to why more than 50% of customer journey mapping projects fail. Why customer experience ratings continue to tumble...and what to do to prevent it. I will be presenting new insight into the customer journey at Enghouse [...]

Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design

The Emotional Intelligence Customer Experience Design™ (EQCX) framework is used to unlock and sustain the emotional power in organizations. The primary driver in customer engagement and loyalty is emotion. Through leveraging this framework emotion can become a differentiating asset. The use of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Customer Experience (CX) Design has been leveraged exclusively by all of the brands featured [...]

The Best Manager I Ever Had Hated Me

Over the course of my work life, I have had a few managers that seemed to hate me. In particular, one manager, whom we’ll call “Steve,” seemed to have it out for me. At the time, I wondered if he stayed awake at night thinking of ways to make my life miserable and to crush everything that I thought he [...]

Here’s How YOU Make Emotion Your Competitive Advantage

In this ten minute video learn how to harness the component of customer experience that has the largest impact on customer loyalty. Making Emotion Your Competitive Advantage Emotions are what customer experience is all about, yet many organizations are lacking or ignore improving their skills and knowledge in understanding and using customer emotions to influence and evoke their most desired [...]

Got it: Horse before Cart and Culture before CX

Life can be so simple. You put the horse BEFORE the cart. You know this! Unfortunately, you are probably engaged with messing it up by adding systems, software and incentives. Why? It’s because that’s what you have been brainwashed to do. YOU MUST HAVE that million dollar thingy that does that whatchacallit stuff that makes those things to do that [...]

5 Ways to Increase Customer Empathy

Empathy is one of the 54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies, but it captures a lot of attention by itself. Just like you, I must ward off the societal influences and pressures to judge people and jump to conclusions and to be apathetic to others. Following many of the societal influences will lower your EQ. Many people say that as a [...]

How email is making you stupid

Do you think that if you were doing something that was lowering your intelligence you would stop doing it? A good common sense track record? Hmm, well the evidence suggests that we don’t necessarily follow that common sense thinking. We really need to ask ourselves questions like, "Do warning labels increase common sense?" Firstly, it's probably a good idea to [...]