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Jim will customize a presentation specifically for your audience. He delivers the valued message you need in a wide range of formats – from a 20-minute webinar to a keynote for 1,000s of conference attendees to a three-day, hands-on workshop for 15-45 people.

Jim is available for:

  • Keynotes
  • General & Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate & Academic Training Programs
  • Professional development courses
  • Executive Coaching & Consulting
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Join me on the Fast Leader Show

The Fast Leader Show is a docuedutainment (don’t look it up I made it up) podcast released each Wednesday and hosted by Jim Rembach. Each week, Jim introduces you to real folks with real stories of how they were able to get over the hump and lead themselves or others better…faster. You’ll learn how to become a better leader (faster) through their stories by improving your employee and customer engagement through the power of improving your emotional intelligence. Get more human-centric and move onward and upward…faster.

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