What is a customer-centric company culture? Why is it so important to have a customer-centric company culture? And how do you create a customer-centric culture?

Some say that being customer-centric means that you place customers at the center of everything you do. You may agree or disagree with that statement. You may also think that customer-centric is about customer relationship measurements such as lifetime value and customer retention rates. You may think customer-focused technologies should be included in the answer. The truth is all these thoughts and much more have true merit in the response and may be part of the strategy.


Having a customer-centric company culture is becoming more about survival for organizations of today. Organizations that are growing today have decided to be more customer-centric. The organizations  that are thriving are purposefully focusing on employees to create a customer-centric company culture from the bottom-up. These organizations exhibit more empathy towards co-workers and customers and are higher in emotional intelligence. The organizations that are thriving share a common and powerful customer-centric culture trait. They have high levels of collaboration intra-departmentally and across business units. They work together and do it well.

The importance in being more customer-centric is felt in top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability. In reviewing organizations that are struggling, you will find poor customer-centric execution. They may speak of being more customer-centric  but their behavior is not reflective of the statement. Those that are more customer-centric also do not forfeit being good stewardards of their business, quite the contrary. They are more mindful of the long-term value associated with being more customer-centric and exploit it’s benefits to increase sustainability.

Creating a customer-centric culture is possible by sharing a common purpose and focusing on the well-being of employees and customers. We  developed a framework to help organizations execute on this. The POP Culture is one that is full of energy and excitement. When organizations focus on a PURPOSE, and work towards everyone helping OTHERS to fulfill the purpose, while each individual PERSONALLY acts to fulfill the purpose, extraordinary things happen.   

Beyond Morale uses the Servant Teamwork® methodology to build this type of environment. In a POP Culture people are more service focused which increases the customer experience. This is extremely beneficial in the current service economy where competitive advantages are contingent on service differentiation and teamwork.

The results obtained from building a more customer-centric culture in this manner includes:

  • Greater innovation
  • Greater trust
  • Higher levels of ownership
  • Reduction in conflict
  • More ownership taken
  • Lower resistance to change
  • Higher profits
  • Lower stress levels
  • Higher motivation
  • Lower unplanned absence
  • Decreases in skilled-talent turnover
  • Greater customer loyalty

Developing a more customer-centric culture using the POP Culture acronym is significantly easier for all to understand.  It’s universal. It creates self-awareness. It creates group awareness. It’s simple and directive.