Building customer-centric cultureIn this video, Customer Experience Experts with the CXPA Jim Rembach, Lynn Hunsaker and Bruce Temkin share their insights on topics within the broader subject of Customer-centric Culture. It was broadcast live over Google+ and the CXPA YouTube channel. Jim introduces a big opportunity for customer experience professionals and shares how Emotional Intelligence builds customer-centric cultures by creating lift-off for your customer centric-culture change efforts.

Emotional Intelligence has been used for years to create high-performing organizations. There are cases studies and additional insights on Emotional intelligence (EQ) in our Resources area. You can also find examples of measuring this vital strength for culture change.

You may also register for our newsletter to stay informed on leveraging and building your emotional intelligence (EQ) and the EQ of your organization. An example of the Employee Empathy Map can be found here. Emotional Intelligence builds customer-centric cultures is not based in theory. Review the case studies.


Leadership Quotes with Purpose-vol1Culture change is difficult, as mentioned by both Lynn and Bruce. As part of your effort you’ll need visualizations and elements to encourage and promote the focus of moving forward. The quotes you will find in the Leadership Quotes with a Purpose video can be used as a tool to help you. If you are interest in receiving your own customer-branded Leadership Quotes Video contact us and let us know.