Have you ever watched an ant carry their food? It’s amazing to see how much they can carry, when they themselves are so small. Have you ever heard the saying that great things come in small packages? This small but mighty and great things being in small packages is why I love exploring the pedestal booth section at the the Contact Center Demo and Conference (CCDemo). You never know when you are going to find something mighty. And it’s there where I met Kiran Sharma of Ameyo.

I have to admit, I had not thoroughly researched Ameyo before going to the CCDemo. I did have a brief discussion with Kartikeya Panyam (off camera during this interview) a few weeks earlier. But I did not know he was going to be attending the event. So it was a delightful surprise to be able to connect with him while I was there.

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It also gave me a chance to learn what I had missed about Ameyo before. As Kiran had mentioned Ameyo has a very large customer install base. I thought they were small, but this group actually has might.

During his interview Kiran shared:

  • More than 1,600 organizations
  • and over 30,000 users

are using the Ameyo platform. I later discovered that this represents installs in over 60 countries with 215,000 agent positions, in more than 12 industry verticals. Mighty indeed.

But the CCDemo was one of the first events in the United States for Ameyo. And just like what many companies do when they are exploring events, they test things out. This makes the pedestal booths at CCDemo ideal. And it’s ideal for me, because you never know what surprises await you.

What Ameyo Does

Ameyo is the market leader in Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) and Contact Center Technology in cloud and on-premise. They help brands of all sizes make exemplary customer experience. The Ameyo Customer Experience Platform powers optimal customer journeys consistently across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions to nurture customer retention and advocacy. Source: http://www.ameyo.com/

Your customer doesn’t care about the journey, but you should

free-report-maximum-agent-performance-250x175In an article titled Competing on Customer Journeys in the Harvard Business Review authors David C. Edelman and Marc Singer state that customer journeys are becoming central to the customer’s experience of a brand—and as important as the products themselves in providing competitive advantage.

They mention that unlike the coercive strategies companies used a decade ago to lock in customers (think cellular service contracts), cutting-edge journeys succeed because they create new value for customers: Customers stay because they benefit from the journey itself.

And I presume you want customers to stay, correct?

Contact centers are the vital journey link

It has been a long established fact that for the vast majority of organizations the contact center is the main interaction hub for customers. Supporting multiple channels and connecting all parts of the business, contact centers are the vital link (roadway) in the customer journey.

Some have defined customer service and the contact center center as the reactionary aspect of customer relationship management and that customer experience is the proactive realm of managing customer relationships.

But taking this segmented approach and mindset causes companies to continue to operate in silos. As the customer interaction hub, the contact center can only be an organizational asset when cross-functional collaboration is high. The only way for this to occur is to have a holistic approach of the customer journey.

Why the customer experience matters

I an episode of the McKinsey Podcast titled Why the customer experience mattersHarald Fanderl mentioned how at McKinsey they used to discuss improvements of customer touchpoints, but they see when they also do analytical research that in order to satisfy customer needs, you typically need more than one customer touchpoint to satisfy a need. This could be to join a company, to pay a bill, or to change something in your address. As that is more than one touchpoint, it’s important that you as a company have the whole journey in sight. Then think about how you can improve this customer journey.

While this seems simple, it can be extremely complex. As one of my guests on the Fast Leader Show Adam Toporek said, “You can build the perfect customer journey, but it will not be perfect for every customer.” Click to Tweet

So your technology must enable you to support, serve, and analyze the customer experience from the inception of the customer relations and throughout it entire life-cycle in order to understand (and support) all of your customers. From end to end.

Supporting the customer experience

During my research for this article, I reviewed several articles, posts, and reports about Ameyo. One article talked about Ameyo winning an award from Frost & Sullivan.

The article stated that over the years, Ameyo has evolved to become a customer relationship building platform with focus on building personalized and collaborative interactions, enabling wider range of interaction capabilities tailored to meet the preferences of customers of every generation. Designed on latest and robust technology, Ameyo delivers customer engagement solutions which help businesses in managing their end-to-end customer journey to meet their overall business goals.

But does Ameyo have what you need? That is where you will need to do your research. Start by contacting Kiran Sharma: kiransharma [at] ameyo.com.

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