The United States supposedly spends money on leadership development, but we are not sure how much that is. Bersin by Deloitte reported $13.6 billion was spent in 2012 and the American Society of Training and Development reports businesses spend more than $170 billion dollars annually on leadership-based curriculum. Who is more right? Does it really matter?

leaders-needed-everywhereRegardless of the spend all will agree there is a leadership crisis. We do not have enough good ones. Many with leader titles are lacking in character, skill, or the motivation to do the right thing. They cling to habits of old instead of taking the responsibility to grow, develop and change. You may want to blame the individual however, leadership development practices are not helping. Just as in the world of academia, mainstream leadership development methods are not keeping in pace with what is needed in the marketplace. What is being taught in the mainstream does not work. The unfortunate reality is many organizations have no idea where to begin.

The new millennium requires a new leadership methodology. One that accounts for the fact many middle management levels from years past are now gone, never to return. One that improves the leadership strength in all. One that is more adaptive to the increasing complexity of work.

We need a methodology:

  • That teaches every employee to take responsibility for organizational success
  • That teaches EVERYONE how to work together to improve leadership and employee engagement, not just management
  • That overcomes the negative effects of today’s self-centered society and continuous examples of incivility towards each other
  • That replaces the old command and control system that has ruined innovation and morale for so many
  • That goes beyond the failures of training that only provides information and is transformational and accessible to all.

servant-teamwork-trendy500What is known is that businesses are struggling with leadership at all levels. You will find those experiencing problems with developing leaders, attracting leaders, and succession planning for leadership positions. For the many organizations still desperately holding on to outdated, ineffective methods of leadership, it is time to embrace a different direction before it’s too late. Companies operating with the old leadership methods are quickly becoming irrelevant on the way to obsolete.

Many have said, businesses don’t fail, leaders fail. So in an attempt to help organizations make the shift from the old paradigm to the new, we invented the Servant Teamwork® leadership methodology. It helps to create an organization of leaders. Succession planning is made easy.

Each organization has a leadership development program. Some are programs are by default. Servant Teamwork© is a purpose-driven approach that assesses and develops, and that builds self-awareness and team awareness. The measurements we use are diagnostic and prescriptive. The program is intended to be self-delivered over time and is designed to efficiently fit into your work and not disrupt your work.