Leadership – The Strength of Business Growth

//Leadership – The Strength of Business Growth

Leadership – The Strength of Business Growth

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Are you a leader moving towards rapid growth? Guest, JIM REMBACH, an Emotional Intelligence Certified practitioner, Customer Experience Expert, strategic and tactical adviser to global CEOs, and Host of the Fast Leader Show, shares his findings and insights about how to build more human-centric organizations and moving onward and upward…faster.

Jim says that “Ability without responsibility is tragic futility.” By helping medium-sized businesses looking to improve the customer experience and develop a customer-centric leadership and culture, Jim has seen struggling businesses turn around to become sound and strong.

Join Host, +V. Lynn Hawkins, Business Acceleration Coach, CEO of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship for this engaging interview with Jim Rembach as he shares his understanding the speed of leadership and how business grows.

During this interview, Jim shares …

  • 3 key mistakes leaders make that can derail all of your leadership efforts,
  • What it means to drive revenue holistically, and
  • How strong leaders pay attention to the way they are moving business forward.

Watch Lynn and Jim for what proved to be an exceptional conversation about leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Get Jim’s generous gift of the list of 54 EQ Competencies at: http://www.beyondmorale.com/eq

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About Jim Rembach

Jim Rembach is a trusted advisor, speaker, and thought leader. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner, contact center auditor and employee retention specialist, and holds a US trademark for the “Servant Teamwork®” leadership and organizational transformation methodology. Jim hosts the long running Fast Leader Show and sits on numerous boards.

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