Workshops offered by Beyond Morale use a strengths-based approach and include various topics with objectives that include employee engagement, customer engagement, leadership development, and organizational culture. The ultimate goal of these objectives is to improve the customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop


Customer Journey Mapping workshop teaches the highly-demanded strengths-based approach to the outside-in method of looking through your customers’ eyes and understand their experience with your organization. We show you how to influence the customer journey along the way.  Unlike other mapping approaches that get bogged down by threats [...]

Employee Engagement Strategy Workshop


Employee Engagement Strategy workshop has been developed to increase the number (only 13%) of employees worldwide that are engaged at work.¹ Participants will learn about the latest research into what engages employees and how to combine this information with a strengths-based approach to develop an employee engagement strategy [...]

Customer Experience Strategy Workshop


Customer Experience Strategy workshop has been developed to increase the number (only 11%) of executives who state their customer experience management approach is “very disciplined”.¹ Participants will learn about the customer experience optimization model that is endorsed by the CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association) and dive into the [...]

Power in Purpose Workshop


Power in Purpose workshop covers what recent studies have revealed to be a powerful new driver of attraction, retention and productivity that very few are leveraging. Purpose has been found to have a deeper role that goes beyond satisfying business goals, that helps businesses demonstrate exactly why they are valuable to stakeholders. [...]

Servant Teamwork Workshop


Servant Teamwork workshop advances the Servant Leadership model created by Robert Greenleaf, in the mid-twentieth century, and made overwhelmingly popular by such authors as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Spencer Johnson, to the modern day workplace with multi-generational and dispersed workers.  This workshop helps to increase the leadership [...]

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop


Appreciative Inquiry workshop teaches organizations the best methods for faster and sustained results. It motivates people to create positive change. It is a methodology, process and way of intentionally discovering, celebrating and building on “what works” rather than fixing the broken. AI is a strengths-based approach to [...]