Book Speaker Jim Rembach

Looking for a powerful way to kick off your next conference, retreat, or team-building session? Jim’s keynotes don’t necessarily include magic tricks, but they do ignite, connect and motivate folks to move onward.

“Few people possess as much knowledge and have as much passion about employee engagement/retention — and its overarching impact on the customer experience and the enterprise.” -Greg Levin

Jim’s audiences do not walk away, they run to take the information and real-world tactics that they’ll be able to put into action that day. Jim’s story telling approach is targeted to the audience so they can more easily convert what they see and hear into new things they can do. They’ll be able to improve their performance, leadership skills and their lives by moving onward and upward…faster.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR EVENT PLANNERS – Promotion and Content for Your Event

You get MUCH GREATER VALUE by booking Jim. He adds more value as a speaker by bringing his media generation to your event. You will receive pre-event coverage and numerous pieces of content to help promote your event and future events (regardless if they are internal or external events – you need content). We’ll create videos, images, articles, conduct interviews, broadcast on Facebook Live and mention your event on the Fast Leader Show and/or the Call Center Coach Podcast.

Contagious Keynotes and Presentations

Partner with us to clarify ideal outcomes for your event, identify a clear call to action, and tailor messages to the needs and style of your audience.

  • Move participants to collaborate and enhance individual goals.
  • Create instant momentum and set a tone for the entire event or business initiative.
  • Introduce data, principles, techniques, and tools the group can leverage and apply immediately.

Jim’s most popular talks:

  • Unlocking The Power of the Customer Journey

  • Raising a Sail and Releasing Workforce Potential

  • How to Leverage the Seductive Lure of Customer Experience

  • How To Make Magic Happen with Value

  • The 7 Universal Keys to Relentless Employee Engagement

  • Conquering Change by Igniting Tradition to Propel Your Tomorrow

For these topics (and more), Jim will customize a presentation specifically for your audience. He delivers the valued message you need in a wide range of formats – from a 20-minute webinar to a keynote for 1,000s of conference attendees to a three-day, hands-on workshop for 15-45 people.

Jim is available for:

  • Keynotes
  • General & Breakout Sessions
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Corporate & Academic Training Programs
  • Professional development courses
  • Executive Coaching & Consulting

Join Jim on the Fast Leader Show Podcast

The Fast Leader Show is a docuedutainment (don’t look it up I made it up) podcast released each Wednesday and hosted by Jim Rembach. Each week, Jim introduces you to real folks with real stories of how they were able to get over the hump and lead themselves or others better…faster. You’ll learn how to become a better leader (faster) through their stories by improving your employee and customer engagement and customer-centric leadership skills. Get more human-centric and move onward and upward…faster.