An Employee Empathy Map is a powerful tool that can be utilized in several ways. It can help organizations to learn to get into the hearts and minds of employees to engage them to the company and it can be utilized to as a tool for providing deeper insight into how employees can engage with the customer and the customer journey. You will dramatically increase your emotional intelligence about employees when you use an employee empathy map. Using it unleashes the possibilities to go way beyond gaining more perspective about employees, to actually becoming smarter about employees.

This tool is meant to be collaborative. It is also intended to be strengths-based in it’s approach to leverage the best of what is. The energy created from this method of approach helps to enhance strengths so weakness become irrelevant. This tool has the potential to support the development of an agile organization that can more rapidly respond to the changes in employees, customers and competition.

An employee empathy map can be used to represent different groups, departments, or senior executives of your organization.

Some common uses for an employee empathy map include:

  • Creating detailed employee personas
  • Greater understanding of the different connections to the customer journey
  • Gaining deeper understanding into employee journey maps
  • Developing vibrant employee stories
  • Enhanced insight development when combined with voice of the employee data
  • Uncovering ways to improve your employee retention and leadership strength
  • Developing new communication, activities, growth opportunities, and business acumen
  • Igniting greater developments in collaboration, trust, and innovation   

Why does an employee empathy map look like this?

We all have come to know that 90% of the employee experience is based in emotions. Therefore, an empathy map targets the emotional sensors of employees so you are able to increase your emotional intelligence about employees. You learn more about their emotions and build more self-awareness as an organization. This empathy map contains a problem statement, actions to take, action owners and six sections:

  1. Think & Feel
  2. See
  3. Say & Do
  4. Hear
  5. Pain
  6. Gain

I need an Employee Empathy Map?

If you feel you need to engage (and retain) your workforce in order to engage customers and do it a manner that does not punish and create conflict, then you want to use this tool. All of the case studies and revelations in human neuroscience have proven that, authentic and lasting customer-centricity comes from intrinsic motivation, not external forces. Employee Empathy Mapping is a tool that can enable an organization to develop an environment where intrinsic motivation is cultivated and thrives.

The Employee Empathy Map can be used in almost any business or organization. With a skilled facilitator, you can gain visibility into the hearts and minds of employees and build the foresight to build predictive behavior models for employees and customers. While you may not become a mind-reader, you will decrease the chances of backfires and misfires as you proceed through your customer-centric journey. By encouraging cross-collaboration and letting people from different organizational groups participate in this visual exercise their creativity, collaboration, and compassion energy will increase. Get ready for excitement to abound as their new found understanding and appreciation blossoms.

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