Built for Today

Work has changed and everybody will get what Servant Teamwork is.  It’s what the modern workforce is needing from employers and organizations..


An Integrated System

Helping each other to serve customers is a primary focus of Servant Teamwork. Get the employee engagement and leadership development system that engages customers.


Collaborative Culture

Build a culture focused on a common purpose where employees help each other and take personal action.  Think PURPOSE, help OTHERS, Act PERSONALLY (POP) .


Leadership Strength

Build your bench, get more brilliant stars, and create an environment of innovation and collaboration. Build Emotional Intelligence and exploit the Principles of Persuasion.

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Introducing An Even Better Place to Work.

A solution that is simple and sustainable that alerts you to do something while telling you specifically what to do. It is complete…fully integrated…and widely collaborative. It will help you to improve every employee and customer experience across every touchpoint in their journey…quickly. It’s has the measures, activities, and resources you need.
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“Our Mission is to be a catalyst for the fearless pursuit to engage employees and customers.” 
Rooted in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and organizational psychology, Servant Teamwork modernizes the Servant Leadership philosophy with a more structured and organizational focus.
We guarantee results. We focus on business results and impact. If we suspect we are unable to help you with our services, we will do the best we can to help you move in the right direction.
Generating positive word of mouth with "both" employees and customers is the ultimate in transparency and integrity, both of which are prevalent in leading organization with the highest profit margins. Positive word of mouth from all areas lowers costs and raises stakeholder benefits. Servant Teamwork focuses on better customer experience through better employee experience.
Potential is unlocked when intrinsic motivation is most high. Servant Teamwork teaches people how they impact others with their actions and how to generate intrinsic motivation in others which results in more intrinsic motivation for them.
Customer and employee relationships are the most loyal in environments where purpose and the well-being of others is a targeted focus. Servant Teamwork provides the framework and the methods to deliver these outcomes. The war for top talent and customers will continue to increase over the next several decades and protecting what you already have can't be left to chance.